Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30/09 My advertisement

For those of you who wish to view my ad.

My advertisement is basically marketing a deadly virus. While most of the ads you see on tv market products such as deodorant, make-up, beer, etc. This ad markets something that will destroy your life. In the ad is wonder woman, a superhero of great power, lying helpless and sickly on a hospital bed with a look of apathy on her face. She is in her trademark uniform, attached to an IV, and the words "AIDS makes us equal" as a caption on the bottom of the ad. I suppose the argument of this ad is saying that, while everyone is different, AIDS is the common thing that makes us equal. We are all vulnerable to it, and once diagnosed, its a fight you can't win that saps your strength and life. The intertextuality of this ad uses wonder woman as an AIDS victim because it projects the image of a mighty heroine with super powers and seemingly no weaknesses as a normal human being. If it had just an average joe in the ad, no one would think much of it. Having wonder woman there is more powerful just because of the reputation she has throughout popular culture.

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  1. Brian I think you are off to an excellent start here. Your description is fantastic. You chose some very good words to highlight and explain the ad. I think in your paper you will want to talk more about the use of Wonder Woman. Perhaps some research about the popularity of super heroes will make it easier to argue how this woman is supposed to be strong but cant fight Aids just like any of us.